Welcome to PLEXUS

Who we are

PLEXUS is the OU Students Association LGBT+ support group for current Students, Staff and Alumni of the Open University.


The Group was created in August 2016 by three students who met at the Assoications, 2016 Biennial Conference.


PLEXUS, in latin means network, for us it's an acronym - Pride, Learning, Equality, No eXcuses, Unity, Safety.  To us it provides the core aims and objectives of who we are as an online community.


In addition to providing this online space for likeminded people and allies we will have a prescence at several Pride events along with our friends from the wider OU community, demonstating that the University is a provider and employer of choice for the LGBT+ community.

Who is PLEXUS for?

PLEXUS is open to ALL current Open University students, staff of the Open University and alumi however they define their sexual orientation or gender identity. We reserve the right to hold a tiered membership system.


This system ensures that current LGBT+ students have overall governance of PLEXUS and how provides supports to its members.  However, we recognised that this cannot achieve this without the support of our allies.


Full Membership is open to all current students of the Open University who define as LGBT+

Associate Membership is available to all former students (alumni) and staff members of the Open University who define as LGBT+

For those members within the Open University past or present but do not self-define as LGBT+ are welcome to join PLEXUS as 'Friend of PLEXUS'


Once you have joined PLEXUS you will be given access to our exclusive forums and Adobe Connect channel where we conduct live chats and events.


Website Development

We are currently in the process of developing our new website.


In the meantime please visit our social media channels or use the button below to contact us.

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