PLEXUS has been built on the foundations of former the OU Students Association LGBT+ Society. During the initial stages of getting the Group off the ground we felt that it was important to remove the usual labels and norms of a LGBT+ Society.

Do you have Pride? Are you a keen Learner? Have a passion for Equality? Take No eXcuse’s? Provide Unity? Are you enthusiastic about providing a Safe environment? 

If you understand these following values then PLEXUS is the Group for you.

PLEXUS is an autonomous group that is affiliated to the OU Students Association.  The Group is organised by a current students who are elected every two years. The PLEXUS Committee is the responsible for the day-to-day running of the Group which is led by five officers; the Chair, the Secretary, Campaigns, Equalities & Support and Women's.

The Officers are also responsible for enacting the constitution of the Group and representing the members at a local and national level. You can find you more about the Committee here.

In addition, the Officers are supported by a group of Community Representatives or Caucuses voicing their opinion of specific areas of the LGBT+ Community. The Community Representatives are; Bisexual Students, Black and Minority Ethnic Students, Trans* Students,  Disabled Students, Young Students.

A copy of the constitution can be found here.