By: Equalities | March 02, 2017

I am posting this blog for University Mental Health Day (UMHD) for which I recently wrote an article where I suggested members do something positive for their own or someone else’s mental health and asked that they share this with us on our social media platforms. This left me in the position where I felt the need to consider my own contribution for the day, hence the posting of this blog. To provide a bit of background I am the Equalities & Support Officer for PLEXUS and work for a mental health charity called Penumbra. Mental health is not only an area of interest in terms of my role within PLEXUS but also a special area of interest to me in my professional and personal life. I identify as a bisexual male and am very open about my lif...

By: PLEXUS | September 14, 2016

As Chair of PLEXUS it gives me a great sense of pride welcoming you to your new site and group within the Students Association.  It has certainly been an interesting few months.  The journey of PLEXUS started following the biennial association conference where I, with other delegates, now committee members, wanted to revitalise the LGBT+ Society.  There have been a number of attempts to get this going but unfortunately, as with anything new it takes time and as busy students, time is something we can struggle to find.

You may be wondering, why PLEXUS? We initially thought, “let’s get rid of the usual names attached to LGBT+ organisations and be a little more creative”.  PLEXUS defines as a network; and the word Plexus comes from the Latin “...

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