Campaigns Officer

Hello and welcome to the Campaigns Page. Here you will find information about how Plexus will support you throughout your time with the Open University or in your local community.

Hi! I'm Josh, your Campaigns Officer! I'm 22 years old, live and work in the Leeds area.

I work as a Chemist in the Petrochemical Industry and have done so for over 2 years now. The degree I am working towards is Q65 Engineering, which I am really enjoying!

I'm a huge people person, I love meeting people and building relationships. I have a passion for our community and what we represent and endeavour to portray this throughout my time as Campaigns Officer. When I'm not working or studying, you can find me cycling, socialising, drinking tea or travelling to new and interesting places.

During my time as your Campaigns Officer, my brief is to further promote PLEXUS and the values it represents through successful campaigns and events. I intend to work closely with the members of the PLEXUS committee, the Open University, and other LGBT+ societies to achieve this.

And of course, enjoy my time as Campaigns Officer.

PLEXUS will support and champion the voices of the LGBT+ students, alumni and staff members of the Open University.

Alongside offering a sense of community to its membership, PLEXUS will also be attending various Pride events across the UK to show our support to the fellow students and local communities.



PLEXUS is here to support you the members, predominately by providing support throughout their studies if they are an active student.

We'll also provide support to members by working with local communities across the UK to provide support and guidance on any issues they are facing due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.  What is important to remember that although you may feel isolated you are not alone, PLEXUS is here to support you where we can.

Please visit our Equalities & Support page to find links to support networks in your area through the LGBT Consortium or if you are a current student with the Open University a request for Peer Support.



PLEXUS invites existing and potential members to come along and join in at the various Pride events across the UK. We will try to attend as many events as possible along with colleagues from the University.  

Pride events are a time where LGBT+ individuals are able to come together to celebrate love and equality and we plan to show our fellow peers that the Open University is the place to be when it comes to studying with open minded individuals. 

We have gathered a list of Pride events taking place across the UK - check out here. However, if there is a Pride event take place near you, we would like to hear from you.  Please contact


PLEXUS is also about learning and celebrating unity. We will achieve this by promoting a series of campaigns that will enable you the members to participate wherever you are in the country.

The LGBT+ calendar celebrates equality and diversity and takes no eXcuses for active discrimination in society.  In the UK we're are fortunate enough to have world leading legal rights, but did you know that in some countries you can still be prosecuted and even put to death just for who you love or identify?

We shall be running a series of campaigns in conjunction with other LGBT+ Groups throughout the year. Whilst having fun but demonstrating the seriousness of why we do this.  

Here is a list of themed campaigns for the following months;

October - LGBT+ Black History Month

November - Transgender Day of Awareness (20th November)
December - World AIDS Day (1st December)

February - LGBT History Month
March - International Women's Day (8th March)

May - International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia (17th May)

June - LGBT+ Pride Month

If you would to be involved or make suggestions on how we deliver these campaigns, please get in touch via email.

As well as providing a safe space for our community and celebrating our pride, we also want to inject some fun into the group! So, head over to the Events page and see whats happening! 

Breaking Barriers

Barriers, such as bullying, discrimination and limited access to health services are obstacles that prevent equal participation in communities.

Barriers present as stigma, social attitudes and lack of respect. They prevent us being recognized as citizens of value. The diverse nature of the LGBT+ community means we have a variety of barriers to navigate.

Breaking these barriers is something the LGBT+ community has a proud history of doing. Laws are negotiated. Protection is happening. Marriage equality is being won. It may be slow, but it is happening. Though there is still work to be done.

Here in the UK we have a string level of protection already. With anti-discrimination laws, marriage equality in three of the four nations, and access to NHS therapy for trans individuals. Though there is still more to do. Transphobia is an issue, with two-thirds of transgender adults attempting suicide.

Health is another barrier we face. Lack of awareness around HIV is still an issue in the UK; where being HIV positive still carries a stigma.

Mental health issues are also common in LGBT+ individuals, sometimes manifesting as self-harm and/or depression. Barriers such as bullying, stigma, discrimination can lead us to access mental health services due to feeling invalidated and hopeless.

Due to the negative impacts of the barriers that the LGBT+ community still faces the act of breaking these barriers is essential and concentration on this a priority for PLEXUS.