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Committee Meetings


The Committee shall meet every two months.

1st October 2016 - Grantham
12th November 2016 - Milton Keynes

14th January 2017 - Edinburgh

25th March 2017 - London

13th May 2017 - Manchester

17th July 2017 (AGM) - Online

16th September 2017 - TBC

11th November 2017 - TBC

Annual General Meeting

PLEXUS shall hold an Annual General Meeting in July every year. The purpose of the General Meeting is to allow the members to hold your committee to account.

The Committee shall present their annual report and enable members to pose questions and suggest activity for the year ahead.

We envisage that General Meetings will be a one-day conference enabling members to attend workshops and exhibition in addition to discussing the business of PLEXUS.

General Meetings will be formally announced online roughly two months before they take place enabling members who wish to attend to arrange travel and if necessary accommodation*

* At this stage PLEXUS or the OU Students Association are unable to offer financial assistance to those wishing to attend and we recommend attending online.

Term of Office

The term of office for the PLEXUS Committee is two-years. As the process of elected the new Officers on the committee shall commence in the Autumn of that year.

For example, the next election process shall start in the Autumn 2017. With the next term of office commencing on 1st January 2018, and so forth.

Applications to become one of the Community Representative will be opened following the announcement of the Officer election results.



Constitution of PLEXUS v1.0


Copies of Confirmed minutes will be posted here when they are available.

Committee Meeting 01.10.2016

Committee Meeting 14.01.2017