Accessing PLEXUS

Here you will find to connect to PLEXUS through social media and other online platforms. We will also post the news letter and keep you up to date with the work of the of the PLEXUS Committee.

PLEXUS monitors all of our social media platforms any forms of homophobia, biphobia or transphobia will not be tolerated and offending members will be removed from the group

The PLEXUS forums are the Groups safe space where only members will be able to gain access. It is recommended that members use these forums to share stories and discuss topics with other members.

These forums are moderated in a similar way to social media platforms. The forum moderator is an ex-officio member of the PLEXUS Committee and is fully briefed on PLEXUS business and is supported by staff members of the OU Students Association.

NB: The Forum Moderator may not self-define as LGBT+ or be a member of PLEXUS. Forum Moderators go through a rigorous process of application and training who are fully supported. If you have any questions, please contact or the Chair of PLEXUS.

Our Facebook group is a tool to engage with other members of PLEXUS. This is a closed group and access is controlled by the Plexus Committee.

The page will display an error, unless you are logged into Facebook.

In addition to the Group we have a public page where anyone will be able to like and follow Plexus. This page will detail all of our events, points of contact and links to support networks in and around your community.

You are welcome to follow our twitter account, like and re-tweet posts. You are welcome to tag Plexus into posts regarding your own activity.

PLEXUS needs you


We'll aim to produce a quarterly newsletter for our members. We want you to feel part of the publication and if you have any idea for articles or wish to submit content please email

We will publish previous editions of SOLAR here after each new publication

Edition One        October 2016

Edition Two        December 2016

Edition Three     February 2017
Edition Four       May 2017

PLEXUS Reading Corner

Reading Corner is a joint adventure with Write Club one of the many Societies across the Association. We will post suggested readings with either an LGBT+ co ntent or authors.

We also welcome pieces written by students that will either feature in SOLAR for review or posted into our online forums.

If you would like more information email why not join Write Club too? Visit their Facebook Group here