Equalities & Support

Equalities & Support Officer

Hello and welcome to the Equalities & Support page. Here you will find information regarding obtaining support from the Society, the wider Association and University.

In addition we will provide you with links to community groups and support agencies through our partnership with the LGBT Consortium. However, if you feel that we should link with other support groups please feel free to email us on equalities@ouplexus.co.uk

Hi there, I am James your Equalities & Support Officer. I am 28 and I come from and currently live in Aberdeen where I work as a Recovery Practitioner for a Mental Health Charity called Penumbra. I work with a variety of individuals across the spectrum of mental health disorders. I also support and supervise the team providing support and guidance. I began studying with the Open University as a
part time student progressing through a BSc in Health & Social Care to help to both develop and progress professionally.

I am a bit of a geek and absolutely love anything to do with science and technology. I am very passionate about equality. This passion has led to me being involved in campaigning for, working with and supporting people from all kinds of vulnerable and or marginalized groups within society. I take every opportunity to work towards an aware society that recognizes the intrinsic value of each
and every individual within it.

I hope to help develop PLEXUS into the entity it has the potential to become as an Open University Student Association. It’s core values of pride, learning, equality, no excuses, unity and safety are admirable and ones that I endorse fully.

As Equalities & Support Officer I want to ensure support for every PLEXUS member. I hope to work with the PLEXUS committee, it’s members and other LGBT+ societies/associations to ensure that PLEXUS members are well supported in a way that meets their individual needs


Accessing Support from PLEXUS and the Open University

Support From PLEXUS

We will create a one-stop solution enabling members to find support within their local area for an array of issues and concerns.

Working in conjunctions with leading LGBT+ Charities such as Stonewall UK and the LGBT Foundation to build platforms and access points for members

Supporting those who are not 'out' or struggling to come to terms with their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Although we will support all of our members, we are not trained in counselling. We will listen, talk and we will help you get the support you need.

OU Students Association Peer Support

One of the greatest advantages of study with the OU - the ability to pace your studies and fit them in with ordinary life - is also one of its biggest disadvantages; because, for the most part, you study alone. That loneliness of study was one of the reasons for the introduction of Peer Support; the idea that there could always be someone there to give a wise word, a helping hand or just some friendly chat when you were feeling alone and negative about your studies.

To find out more, please visit the Peer Support website by clicking here. You will also be able to request peer support here.


Online Forums (VLE)

Within the University's Virtual Learning Environment or VLE we have access to a closed forum where you will be able to post discussion threads or ask questions to any member of PLEXUS. It is worth noting that this forum is only available to members of PLEXUS so it is different to our Facebook group. If you wish to gain access to this forum, please join PLEXUS by clicking here

To access the PLEXUS closed forum you can do so by following this link;


PLEXUS are members of the LGBT Consortium enabling us to access other services in the local community and beyond. Our Campaigns and Equalities & Support Officers will be working with the Consortium to ensure our offer suits your needs.

Supporting LGBT+ Women

Women's Officer

To support the needs specifically to LGBT+ Women PLEXUS has ensured within its constitution that there will be a place for Women's representation supporting the Equalities & Support Officer.

I am Ana, your Women’s Officer. I am 27 and I live in East London.

I am studying towards a BSc Natural Sciences (Physics). So far, I’ve discovered physics is hard, but at least it’s cool. In my ‘free time’ – whatever that is – I read an eclectic collection of books, play video games, and waste time on the internet. Sometimes I even meet up with friends and play nerdy card games.

As Women’s Officer, my main aim is to help build the community and spread awareness of the society. I want to be accessible to everyone who feels the need to talk about any issue affecting women.