These are the times where we can come together and get to know one and another! Here you'll find a varied mix of Face-to-Face events, catering to all of the interests you the members have.

There of course will be times when you just can't make it to the Face-to Face events! So, there will be online discussions and collaborations using the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and OU Live.

If you would like to host an event in your local area, no matter how big or small, please contact the Campaigns Officer who will support you in getting this set up.

Also, did you know that some regions organise Coffee Morning's and other social meets? Please visit your local regional pages on Facebook, Twitter or the VLE. Alternatively please email for more information.

Up Coming Events

If you would like to attend any of the events please let your Campaigns Officer know so we can inform the venues of numbers if needed.

Pride 2017

Below is listed the dates we have been able to collate for the UK Pride calendar 2017. If you are aware of a Pride event in your area which isn't listed below, please email our Campaigns Officer.



24th - 26th February

8th April

13th May

20th May

26th - 29th May

27th - 29th May

27th May

29th May

3rd June

10 & 11th June

10th June

17th June

24th June

30th June - 2nd July

1st July

7th -9th July

8th July

9th July

15th July

21st - 24th July

21st - 23rd July

22nd July

22nd - 23rd July

23rd July

26th - 30th July

29th July

29th & 30th July

5th August

5th & 6th August

11th August

12th August

19th August

19th & 20th August

22nd until 30th August

25th until 27th August

25th until 28th August

26th August

27th August

2nd September

9th September

16th September

22nd until 24th September

23rd September

24th September



National Student Pride

Bury (Lancashire)





Bradford & Flitshire



Blackpool & Coventry

Canterbury, Gloucestershire, York


Essex, North Wales Pride & Stoke on Trent


Exmouth, Fife, York & Huddersfield

Sparkle (Manchester)

Bristol, Pride in London & Worksop Pride

UK Black Pride

Croydon, Isle of White, Rotheram & Salford

LFest (Loughborough)


Bideford, Eastbourne & Hull (First UK Pride)

Trans-Pride Brighton


Quer spirit Wilshire

Herefordshire, Norwich, Nottinghamshire, Sailbury, Sheffield, Swindon & Wiltshire, West Lothian & Weston super Mare


Belfast and Brighton



Margate, Plymouth & Wigan

Chester, Doncaster & Warwickshire




Manchester Pride Big Weekend

Cornwall, Southampton & Walsall


Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Leicester, Newry, Reading & Totnes Pride

Channel Islands


Trans Pride Bristol, Leather Pride (Bristol), Bolton

Wolverhampton & Worcester

Lincoln & Sunderland