Welcome to PLEXUS

PLEXUS is the new name and identity for the OU Students Association LGBT+ Group. PLEXUS is a Group for all students, alumni and staff of the Open University whether they are self-defining LGBT+ or not.

Do you have Pride? Are you a keen Learner? Have a passion for Equality? Take No eXcuse’s? Provide Unity? Are you enthusiastic about providing a Safe environment? Then Plexus is the place for you.

Becoming a member is easy and free, so why not join today? We have a tiered membership system which reflects your status within the OU Students Association and wider University structure as defined in the PLEXUS constitution.

  • Full Membership is open to all current students of the Open University who define as LGBT+

  • Associate Membership is available to all former students (alumni) and staff members of the Open University who define as LGBT+

  • For those members within the Open University past or present but do not self-define as LGBT+ are welcome to join Plexus as 'Friends of the PLEXUS'

PLEXUS has been designed and built around providing a 'safe space' for members, therefore the tiered system is designed to provide support and comfort, particularly to those who may not have 'come out' to friends and family around them.

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