The PLEXUS Committee


PLEXUS is Governed by its members through the constitution and any motions submitted and passed at its Annual General Meeting.  The Committee consists of a group fellow students who are elected every two years to fulfil the needs of the membership and work collectively with the OU Students Association and wider Open University Community.


Graham Rimmer

Chair of PLEXUS



Management of the PLEXUS, liaison with the wider Associaion and the University, represent the LGBT+ collective voice via the Inclusion Committee


Kirean Dingley

Secretary of PLEXUS



Membership, Committee governance, Group communication



Becky Eaton-Garrett

Campaigns Officer



Educational campaigns, Pride events and social media



Kelly Robinson

Women's Officer



Representation of LGT women, management of the Caucus Representatives



Sean Goodman

Equalities & Support



Managing the resource database, broker peer support arrangments and work with the Vice Presidents to ensure there is accurate represent of LGBT students pastorally and academically




The Committee is supported by five caucus representatives who represents the different communities within the LGBT community.


These are;

Disabled Students - Sheila Cameron

Bisexual Students - Krys Enowobilska

Young Students - Jessie Thompson

Trans Students - Aimee Challenor

Black & Minority Ethnic - Sue (our BME Rep is not an out member of the community, so only provide their surname. You can contact Sue, in the forums or via the Women's Officer


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